Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery in Mumbai

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is cosmetic surgery procedure done to reduce large size breasts.

Most women develop increase in breast size post lactation which are disproportionate to body size. Also patient with massive weight loss develop saggy breast due to loss of fat. These heavy breast may cause back pain, bra strip indentation or fungal infection in breast fold.

Surgery consist of removal of excess skin and some part of excess breast tissue with preservation of nipple areola position and uplift to breast tissue . Scar placement around areola is nearly invisible with vertical scar which fades over the period of time. Procedure is done in general anaesthesia and 2-3 days of hospitalisation is needed for recovery. With sports bra patient can achieve routine activities in one week. Meticulous suturing technique and absorbable sutures help in achieving aesthetic results in breast reduction.

How much can you reduce your breast size with surgery?
D or DD size can be reduced to B or C, (500-700 mg )
Which surgery is best for breast reduction?
Vericle reduction with lollipop scar patern is best for indian womenn
Is breast reduction painful surgery?
Certainly not. Advanced post operative pain management helps in recovery in a weeks time
How much does it cost to reduce your breast size?
1.5 -2 lakhs approximately.
Do breasts sag after breast reduction?
No , if patient follows diet and exercise it rarely sags.
What is the fastest way to recover from a breast reduction?
Surgical removal and vertical scar is better way. QA
Does a breast reduction include a lift?
Yes it lifts breast and reduces the weight of breast.
How many cup sizes can you lose in a breast reduction?
Two cup size reduction is possible.
How expensive is a breast reduction?
It can cost approximately 1.5 -2 lakhs.
Who is the candidate for breast reduction surgery?
Women having heavy pendulous breast disproportionate to body size are candidate for breast reduction surgery.
What are reasons for heavy pendulous breasts?
Post pregnancy, massive weight loss or gigantomastia in young females are common causes for heavy breasts
What are other associated complains ?
a) Back pain is most common complaint. b) Shoulder pain and indentation of bra strips over shoulder c) Fungal infection underneath heavy breaats due to sweating and friction.
What are the risks and complications.?
Surgery is done under general anaesthesia and needs two days of hospital stay. Scar of surgery ( lollypop or anchor shape) which can be reduced with scar reduction techniques.
Is there any risks of cancer.?
Before surgery breast mammography or MRI is done to rule out any suspicious lesion. After excision removed breast is checked thoroughly for cancer. Thus surgery does not cause any cancer. Although regular breast examination and screening is advised.
Is there any problem of breast feeding in young females after this surgery?
Young females having Giagantomastia are informed about difficulties in breast feeding. But with latest techniques involving preservation of breast tissue there are success rates with breast feeding.
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