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    Patient Experience after undergoing breast reconstruction surgeryPatient Experience after undergoing breast reconstruction surgerySandeep RaoGajanaN ChalkeShilpa BhideJayesh BhutkarHiral AsherVijay Pereira
  • I was 43 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (IDC)in my left breast. What I knew is that if caught early it is one of the most curable cancers. Unfortunately Mastectomy was the only option suggested according to my condition by all the experts. Shocking as it was and disheartening, we decided to fight it. After a lot of research I decided I was going to go in for immediate reconstruction. It was a DIEP flap (Abdomen tissue) reconstruction. It was the best decision I made. Today I am 44, it's been a year since the surgery and I am living an absolutely Normal life, and am extremely grateful for that.
    Patient Experience after undergoing breast reconstruction surgery
  • I have undergone reconstruction for my breast cancer surgery. In my opinion Breasts are the most important part of a woman's body and losing them due to breast cancer is very challenging for every women . It leads to physical and mental imbalance. Breast reconstruction helps us to overcome such imbalance . It not only keeps the body shape intact but also builds up confidence after the tedious, long and surgical treatment of the breast , make u look the way you were before diagnosis and helps in normalising the life in a speedy way. One needs to be confident to lead a happy life post treatment and reconstruction restores the confidence. If an option is given to a woman for reconstruction she should definitely opt for it.
    Patient Experience after undergoing breast reconstruction surgery
  • Well learned, honest to face doctor. Knows his facts right and has practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Hard to find such doctors today.
    Sandeep Rao
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  • A very punctual, and friendly doctor. He is genuinely concerned about his patient’s well-being. "I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Tushar Thorat. The Clinic is brand new, clean, and more importantly they run on time."
    GajanaN Chalke
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  • Excellent treatment and co-operation. Very good doctor. Highly recommend him.
    Shilpa Bhide
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  • Dr Tushar is humble and very supportive. A detail and indepth knowledge and confident approach towards the treatment. Explains properly about the treatment and its requirements and results. He is very friendly and approachable
    Jayesh Bhutkar
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  • My brother met with a road traffic accident a month ago where he was badly injured and had to undergo lip reconstruction surgery on a urgent basis he was blessed to have a very experienced doctor Tushar Thorat who successfully performed the lip flap surgery without affecting the aesthetic of his face. Post surgery he was patient enough to answer all our queries. I recommend him and appreciate the hand of God.
    Hiral Asher
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  • My son hurt himself on his forehead and needed stitches. We opted for plastic surgeon to stitch it up to leave with minimum or no scar. That’s where this pleasing, smiling personality comes into picture...Enter Dr. Tushar. Loved the way he communicated with my son, made him feel so easy and did his stitches. The wound looked so small now. Day 5: The wound is healed. He has given a tape to be applied for a month or two. Day 30- There’s a very very very small scar which I guess will be invisible in another few months. Very happy with his work. He even did a follow up by asking us in between about my son’s scar-recovery. Unexpectedly warm. Strongly recommend.
    Vijay Pereira
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