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Rhinoplasty (nose job) is cosmetic surgery performed over nose to improve shape of nose and aesthetics of face.

Patients who have deformed nose or history of trauma over nose get benefit after surgery. Patient needs admission for 2-3 days. Nasal packing is removed after 2 days and nasal splint is removed after 5 days of surgery. Patient can resume work and routine activities after 1week. Swelling and redness over eyes is reduced in a week after surgery. Final result takes 6-8 months to appear since swelling over nose takes time to come down.

Since nose is most prominent feature of face its change can improve looks and confidence about self image.

Dr Tushar Thorat will make you smile when you look yourself in mirror!!

What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

It is complex surgery of nose which improves breathing and external shape of nose. Septoplasty which involves correction of internal septum of nose is part of Rhinoplasty.

Who should undergo Rhinoplasty?

Nose is the most prominent part of face which defines aesthetics. Any deformity in nose may affect self-confidence and personal behaviour in the society. Patients with External nasal deformity such as Hump, crooked, bulbous tip, deviated nose are ideal candidates. Post trauma deformity, congenital deformity are other subgroups who gets benefit after this surgery.

Is there any preoperative workup needed?

Patient undergoes thorough evaluation by Plastic surgeon in the form of complaints, deformity assessment, past history, Photographic evaluation and expectations. Computed tomography (CT) paranasal sinuses (PNS) helps in ruling out any other internal defects. Routine investigations for anaesthesia are required.

Is there any software which can depict post-op changes and appearance?

There are multiple image modifiers available in market. But human body is not machine which shows exact results. Thus approximate idea can be given with software without any guarantied results.

How many days of admission and rest after surgery is needed?

After surgery patient’s nose is packed with dressing for 48 hrs, thus two days of admission is advised. After pack removal patient is discharged with nasal splint. Total 7 days of rest id advised with precautions in the form of avoidance of strenuous exercise, blowing of nose and inadvertent injury to nose.

Are there any complications of surgery?

Any surgery comes with minor risk of infection and bleeding which in expert hands is minimal. Blockage of nose for 2 days, swelling and redness around eyes for 5-7 days may happen. Since nasal swelling takes time to resolve final result may be appreciated after a month or so. Patience and trust on your doctor helps in solving all the problems.

Are there any permanent scars?

Nasal scar is hidden due to shadow of nose which fades over time. Additional cartilage material harvest from ear or ribs may have small scars which are hidden behind ear or under breast. Scar reduction therapy follows the main procedure.

Whom should I contact for surgery?

Board certified Plastic surgeon is ideal for consultation. Look for credentials and choose wisely who can explain in detail, answer your questions and keep follow up.

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