Ear reconstruction surgery in Mumbai

Ear Reconstruction Surgery in Mumbai

Ear reconstruction surgery is done in patients who don’t have ear since birth or have deformed ear by birth , trauma, burns or cancer.

Total ear reconstruction surgery involves two stages done in 6months apart. The stage1 involves reshaping rib cartilage to form ear framework and insertion into skin pocket created at ear position.

This stage of ear surgery takes 4-5hours and the expected length of stay in hospital is 4-5 days.

In stage 2 framework is elevated from head to give projection of ear with the help of cartilage piece as support. At the second stage the new ear needs to be put into position so it sticks out from the head like a normal ear would. The new ear is lifted into place with a piece of cartilage behind it to support its position. A flap of tissue and a skin graft is then taken to cover exposed cartilage and compete the process.

The second stage takes 3-4 hours and the expected hospital stay is 2-3 days.

Success rate is very high with body's own tissue for reconstruction instead of implant or prosthesis. Surgery is performed in patients more than 8 years of age .

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